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In 1919 an appropriation was made providing for the erection of a new State building as a memorial to the soldiers and sailors of Delaware. However, this building was never begun and the 1919 appropriation was revoked but replaced in 1925 by an act of the General Assembly creating a commission responsible for the erection of an annex to the State House.1
The Governor of the State, himself ex-officio, was directed to appoint five persons to a commission to be known as the State House Annex Commission.2 The annex to the State House would be used for State offices and administrative purposes.3
Duties of the Commission included overseeing the erection, completion, equipping, furnishing, and decoration of the annex and making the necessary alterations to the State House as needed to enable the new annex to be used as an extension of the State House.4
The Commission was to employ an architect, have the necessary drawings and specifications prepared and let contracts for the execution of the work.5
The total estimate cost for the project was not to exceed the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.6
Upon receiving the completed building from the contractor, the Commission submitted its final report April 6, 1927, and all remaining funds reverted back to the State Treasurer.7

During the 1974-1976 restoration of the State House, the 1835, 1896, and 1909 wings were removed, leaving this 1925 “Annex” as a free standing structure, called the Margaret O’Neill Visitors Center.

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