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As part of the institution of the cabinet form of government in 1970, the Department of Highways & Transportation was created to coordinate and develop a comprehensive transportation plan for the State; cooperate with Federal transportation authorities as required; coordinate all transportation studies and programs within the State; and operate and maintain all roadways under its jurisdiction. The Secretary of the Department also supervised and directed the activities of the Division of Highways, the Division of Transportation, the Office of Administration and the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation.1
The Office of Administration assumed the duties of the Controller of the State Highway Department, and essentially handled all administrative matters, record keeping, finances, accounting, and statistics. The Division of Highway assumed all other non-administrative duties of the State Highway Department, specifically the maintenance of the existing duties of the roadway in the State. Also matters of public transportation, and an Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, which was involved in the planning of future transportation systems.2
Also created to act in an advisory capacity to the entire Department was the Council on Transportation. The nine member council (minimum of two members from each county) was to prioritize highway projects in the State and give final approval on all route projects. A seven member Council on Highways was also created as an advisory group to the Division of Highways.3
In 1976, the Department was renamed the Department of Transportation, and the Division of Transportation became the Delaware Transportation Authority. The Transportation Authority is responsible for coordinating all transportation projects (bus, train, etc.) in the State, cooperating with all local authorities, monitoring all public carriers, and supervising all engineering, construction and maintenance of the Delaware Turnpike Administration.4
The Council on Transportation was reestablished with fifteen members (3 Wilmington, 3 NCC, 3 KC, 3 SC, and 3 state residents) , each for a three year term. Two subcouncil were also formed- the Subcouncil on Highways and the Subcouncil on the Transportation Authority.5
Legislation in 1979 reestablished the Council on Transportation with only nine members, again with a minimum o two from each county. The Transportation Authority was given the authority to create subsidiary corporations as needed to better serve the needs of the public and specialized transportation.6
The Department of Transportation is organized as follows:
Office of Administration
Division of Highways
– Office of Operations
– Field Services
– Planning and Programming
– Preconstruction

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District Offices
– North / Central / South (each containing a Maintenance Section and a Bridge Section)
Delaware Transportation Authority
– Delaware Aeronautics Administration
– Delaware Railroad Administration
– Delaware Ride Sharing Administration
– Delaware Administration for Regional Transit
– Delaware Administration for Specialized Transportation
– Delaware Turnpike Administration

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