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By Senate Joint Resolution No. 14, the 103 General Assembly appointed a committee to inquire about placing statues of distinguished deceased citizens of Delaware in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC in 1931.
The commission consisted of seven members who served for two years. Their mandate was to select two deceased Delawareans who were entitled to be honored by a statue in Statuary Hall.
Due to an error in the journal of the Senate, the Committee appointed was abolished but was re-established in 1931. Five of the original members continued to serve for two more years, and were authorized to choose two other citizens to serve on the committee.1
The committee met in January to discuss the possibilities and finally decided on Caesar Rodney and John M. Clayton.
The committee appointed was authorized to make all necessary arrangements for placing the statues in Statuary Hall.2
The sum of twenty thousand dollars was appropriated for the erection of two statues to be made of marble, one of John M. Clayton and the other of Caesar Rodney.3
The statues were made by Bryant Baker. The unveiling of them took place on June 26, 1934 at 3:00 p.m. in the Rotunda of the National Capitol in Washington, DC.
The Delaware Statue Commission remained active for four years 1931-1934.4

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