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The Delaware Harness Racing Commission was created in 1945, consisting of one gubernatorially appointed member with a six year term. He was responsible for the granting of licenses to conduct harness races, specifically races involving any wagering or betting. Applications were made by race administrators to the commission; subsequently, the commissioner was to have complete access and review of the participating horses; riders; track facilities, such as grandstands and stables; and all employees of the facility. The commissioner also monitored admission receipts, all wagers, and the eventual track take. He was answerable to the State Treasurer.1
The number of commissioners was increased to three in 1949, one from each county, also continuing the existing commissioner.2 In 1960, the commission’s duties were expanded to include monitoring of grooms, drivers, and the owners of horses.3
In 1970, the commission was placed within the Division of Business and Occupational Regulation, within the Department of Administrative Services.4 It was almost abolished by the Sunset Laws in 1981, but the Legislature saw fit to reorganize the commission with four members, three commissioners and one ex-officio member representing the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission (RG 1359).5
The commission was moved to the Department of Agriculture in 1988.6

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