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“Civil War Graves in Alapocas?” News-Journal, April 9, 1990. Discusses the controversy over possible Confederate graves in Alapocas.

“Dover chaplain served throughout Civil War,” The Airlifter, April 6, 1989. Part of series on the history of military chaplaincy; discusses Rev. Thomas Grier Murphey of Dover.

“125th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg,” News-Journal, May 22, 1988. Highlights Delaware’s role at Gettysburg; article includes two sidebar articles, “Research casts shadow on native son’s ware deeds,” and “On both sides, Delawareans had roles in outcome.”

“F. B. I. Recovers Civil War documents,” News-Journal, Aug. 18, 1987. The FBI arrests man accused of stealing Civil War letters from the National Archives.

“Civil War era inspires Milford Native,” State News, May 21, 1987. Article on Civil War re-enactor Marvin Schelhouse.

“Reliving an era through Letters,” News-Journal, Oct. 22, 1986. Editorial discussing the 1886 purchase by the Historical Society of Delaware of Civil War letters written by James A. Bayard Jr.

“Local Civil War photos are rare,” News-Journal, Dec. 15, 1985. Advice column to the reader interested in obtaining a photo of grandfather’s unit.

“Civil War facts found in Volume,” News-Journal, May 15, 1985. Advice column to the reader trying to track down information on grandfather in the Civil War. The author recommends consulting the 128-volume War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies in the War Museum and Library in Philadelphia.

“Civil War Society has full schedule,” News-Journal, July 29, 1984. Advice column to the reader interested in the Delaware Historical Re-enactment Society.

“Civil War Mysteries,” News-Journal, May 6, 1984. The same column recommends War of the Rebellion.

“Lockwood tells of Gettysburg Battle; Assures Wife of Boundless Love,” State News, July 3, 1963. The text of three letters written from Lockwood to his wife in 1863.

“A Child’s Civil War letter and Camden subversion,” State News, April 4, 1963. A story about a letter from nine-year-old James Booth Lockwood to his father Brig. Gen. Henry Hayes Lockwood; includes a copy of part of the letter.

“Kent County Views of the Civil War,” State News, Sept. 14, 1961. Kent County’s reaction to the outbreak of the Civil War, especially the views of Manlove Hayes, Henry Hayes Lockwood, and George P. Fisher.

“Civil War General is Killed by Pear Tree Fall,” State News, Aug. 31, 1961. Biographical sketch of Daniel Woodall.

“Lockwood was General and Commodore,” State News, June 7, 1961. Biographical article on Henry Hayes Lockwood.

“Kent County and the First Civil War Regiment,” State News, Dec. 1, 1960. Article on the 3-months’ men of the 1st Reg.

“One Military Man Honors Another,” Delaware State News, date unknown. Article on David E. Lilly, who portrays Civil War chaplain Rev. Thomas G. Murphey.


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