This collection consists of 117 rolls of microfilm of Service Records and four rolls of microfilm for the Index. The original records are in the possession of the National Archives. The Index is an alphabetical card index to the compiled service records of volunteer Union soldiers belonging to units from the State of Delaware. Each index card gives the name of a soldier, his rank, and the unit in which he served.

The Service Records consist of various types of documents. A jacket-envelope for each soldier contains his name, rank, unit, and card numbers. Cards contain information abstracted from muster rolls, regimental returns, descriptive books, and other records. Documents such as enlistment papers, substitute certificates, casualty sheets, medical descriptions, death reports, prisoner-of-war memorandums, and correspondence are also included. Records for officers are interfiled with the records of enlisted men. If an individual served in more than one unit, there will be a separate service record for each unit in which he served.


Military units include:

The 1st Battalion Cavalry

Milligan’s Independent Company Cavalry

Neild’s Independent Battery Light Artillery

Ahl’s Independent Company heavy Artillery

1st Infantry (3 Months)

The 1st through 9th Infantry organizations.

Also included are records for Unassigned Delaware soldiers, Miscellaneous personal Papers, Miscellaneous Enlistment Papers, and Miscellaneous Muster Cards.