Date Posted: Thursday, August 24th, 2023

The Accessions Committee met on August 7, 2023, to review all proposed accessions received since the last quarterly meeting. All accepted donations have been pre-processed and assigned to archivists for further processing. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the latest additions to our holdings.

New collections created:

  • Small Manuscript Collections, Sacket Family, Portraits (9200-S34-000)
    • The Sackett family collection of portraits is a small collection of images of Lillian P. Sackett’s family, from small children to adults. Most images are of unnamed individuals.
  • Small Manuscript Collections, Cowgill Collection, Family Records (9200-C26-000)
    • The Cowgill Collection comprises bills, receipts, and lists relating primarily to the school for colored children in Little Creek.
Photo of Poor Children of Little Creek
Poor Children of Little Creek
A bill to Ezekiel Cowgill for the tuition of the listed poor children of Little Creek in 1831.
The bill came to $45.56.
Photo of Lillian P. Sackett's Aunt
Photo Postcard
Lillian P. Sackett’s Aunt

Existing collections expanded:

  • Small Manuscript Collections, Christ Church (Dover), Architectural Drawings (9534-002-006)
  • Small Manuscript Collections, Pamphlet Collection, (9270-000-004)
  • Small Manuscript Collections, Donald McClyment Collection, Cemetery Map (9200-M20-000)

Books added to the Mabel Lloyd Ridgely Research Room library:

  • From Falling to Phenomenal, The Story of WSFS (1985 to 1996) by Marvin Schoenhals and Brittany Kriegstein (2 copies)
  • ANDIAMO! The Memoirs of Frank Biondi by Frank Biondi, as told to Larry Nagengast with Mary Catherine Biondi Moran as researcher and editor
  • Greetings from Rehoboth Beach, Postcards from the Collection of the Rehoboth Beach Museum by Ronald Foster and David McDonald
  • A bound history of the Robbins Hose Company, No. 1, INC.

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