Date Posted: Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Enterprise Milling Company Seaford
Enterprise Milling Company Seaford

Did you know that one of the most frequently asked research questions is regarding mills? From the DuPont powder mills to the grist and flour mills, it’s not just scholars who are interested; every day citizens also seem to be fascinated by mills and the stories about them. We had some more people in yesterday who were looking for mills in Sussex County.

We have various types of records that you can use to learn about Delaware mills. Depending on what aspect of mills in Delaware you’re interested in, you can examine Mill Condemnations (petitions to the court requesting condemnation of land for the construction of mills), early Levy Court minutes from 1676-1699 regulating early mills, Industrial and Manufacturers Census for Delaware and early Enrolled Bills.  And of course, we have lots of photographs.

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