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Date Posted: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


Today Delawareans were saddened with the news of the passing of former Governor Russell Peterson. Governor Peterson served from 1969-1973.  He is best known for being an environmentalist and the Coastal Zone Act, which protected Delaware’s  natural resources.   He also is known for changing Delaware’s government from a commission form of government to a cabinet form.

 If you would like to learn first hand about his term as governor, you can come go through his papers.  There are 5775 folders dealing with correspondence from constituents, education, town audits, and of course environmental issues. 

We have lots of photographs of Governor Peterson. We have video from the “Hats in the Ring Symposium” where former Delaware governors are discussing Delaware politics.  The Delaware Heritage Commission has a book for sale written by Christopher Perry documenting his term. You can also look in the Delaware library catalog for books about the former governor including, his autobiography Rebel With A Conscience. The Governor’s political legacy will have a lasting effect on the state and its citizens.

Governor Peterson signs Senate Bill 450, 1970
Governor Peterson Holding A Horseshoe Crab, 1971
Governor Russell Peterson July 29, 1971


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