Date Posted: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

You’ve been asking your kids for years to give you a trip to Europe for Christmas. You don’t need any more knickknacks, gift certificates, etc.  And this year they finally did!  Now you have to get your passport. 

I had an extremely excited woman call to get a copy of her marriage certificate from 1964.  Guess what?  We discovered it didn’t exist.  We found the marriage application that had been filled out, but there was no certificate. It seems the minister never mailed the return back in to the office.

So what do you do if you don’t have your marriage certificate?  You will need to contact the Office of Vital Statistics main office in Dover.  They can issue a delayed certificate.  They will use a letter provided by us and some other documents to issue the certificate. The lady got her marriage certificate and had a wonderful time in Europe.

Read more about how to obtain records from the Office of Vital Statistics

Dillwyn And Gigi Parrish Leave Claymont For Their honeymoon On October 3, 1927.
Dillwyn And Gigi Parrish Leave Claymont For Their Honeymoon On October 3, 1927.


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