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Thank you for your interest in the records housed at the Delaware Public Archives. Please read the following information before placing your request, as it will provide information to help you form your inquiries for better results. If you already have exact references and merely need to request a price quote, click here . Exact references must include the appropriate citation needed to access a record; including: type of record, county, name of individual, date of record, volume, page number, etc.

Vital Record Requests
Genealogical Research
Historical Research
Photographic Records Request
Probate Requests
Request for  information about Delaware Corporations or stocks

Genealogical Research

We are unable to perform genealogical research for patrons. We encourage patrons to visit our facility located at 121 Duke of York Street, on the corner of Duke of York Street and Legislative Avenue in Dover, Delaware. continue

Historical Research

The research room staff will provide searches of our record group database to verify the existence of pertinent records regarding the research topic requested. However, the research room staff cannot perform research for patrons. Once the staff has identified the records pertinent to your query, arrangements can be made for the researcher to view the records on-site.  continue

Vital Record

Fees Revised – Due to increasing costs associated with the provision of certain services, the following rates will be effective on September 1, 2005.

Vital Statistics will cost $10.00

Our minimum mail fee will cost $10.00

The research room staff will undertake searches of indexed births, deaths and marriages abstracted from many of our holdings.  Before 1913, the vital records of Delaware are not complete. Our files of early births, marriage, and death records have been compiled from family Bibles, newspapers, church records, tombstones, and similar sources; however, our holdings do contain vital records materials that are not indexed and cannot be searched by the staff. Please visit our facility to research all available materials. On July 1, 1913, that state of Delaware established a law requiring the registration of births, deaths, and marriages. The Delaware Public Archives houses birth certificates created since 1913 that are 72 years or older and death and marriage certificates 40 years old or older. This means that we only have birth certificates up through and including 1936, and marriage and death certificates up through and including 1968. To obtain vital records issued after the dates above please contact:

Office of Vital Statistics
Jesse S. Cooper Building
417 Federal St.
Dover, DE  19901 

To request vital records information please provide as much pertinent information as is known regarding the event. The following are examples of the information that should be provided with each request:  

Birth record

Name: John Smith
Birth Date: Jan. 14, 1914
Place of Birth: Wilmington
Father: James Smith
Mother’s Maiden Name: Mary Johnson

Death Record

Name: John Smith
Death Date: July 4, 1944
Place of Death: Wilmington

Marriage Record

Groom: James Smith
Bride: Mary Johnson
Marriage Date: March 5, 1912
Place of Marriage: Wilmington


Marriage Record

Approximate dates must be provided if a specific date is not known . continue

Photographic Records Request
Photo Order Instructions

Probate Requests

To request probate files please include the name(s), date of death or probate file, and county of residence of the deceased. For example: New Castle County Probate John Smith died about 1797.  Link to the Probate Index



For information regarding companies incorporated in the state of Delaware after March 10, 1899 please contact:

Division of Corporations
Townsend Building
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 739-3077

Visit the Division of Corporations at


Things to Remember

The following steps must be followed in order for us to be able to respond to your request:

Copying Procedures:

We will search the indexed birth, death, and marriage records, and the checklisted probate materials for only five items per request.

Include your full name and E-mail address in the text of your E-Mail.

Provide all pertinent information regarding your request (i.e. record type,  name, date, place)

Include the county where the records you are seeking should be found with all requests

When you place your request the research room staff will perform a search for the record requested, provided that all the steps above are followed. If a record is found, the staff will send you via e-mail a price quote for obtaining copies of the records requested. To order: print, sign and return the price quote with payment. Send an email request for a price quote or additional information.

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