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In 1915 the inhabitants of the town of Bellefonte were constituted a corporation, or body politic, under the name, "The Commissioners of Bellefonte." From its institution in 1915 through present day, the residents elect five commissioners, an alderman, a treasurer, and an assessor to govern the community. These elected officials superintend and oversee all roads, streets, lanes, alleys, bridges, and gutters including the laying, construction, repair, regulation, support, removal, or amending of them in the interest and welfare of the inhabitants; assess and levy taxes, using the resulting funds for anything which contributes to the safety, convenience, welfare, and prosperity of Bellefonte, (ie., provide sanitary measures for the health of the citizens). The commissioners are also charged with preventing and removing public obstructions and nuisances; enacting ordinances for the keeping and registration of dogs including levying taxes for the possession of such animals; prosecuting violators of this act or any town ordinances; keeping the peace; and enforcing gun control.

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