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In 1965 an act was passed to incorporate the village of Arden. Its present and future inhabitants constitute, create and establish a municipal corporation and body politic with its own corporate seal. The village may sue and be sued for any public, municipal, educational, or charitable purposes and may acquire, hold, and dispose of real and personal property for the benefit of all of its citizens. Three commissioners, who must be over the age of twenty-one and residents of the village, comprise the government of the village. These commissioners have the power to appoint officials, employees, agents, committees, and commissions which they deem necessary for the proper conduct and management of the village. Officials appointed by the commissioners include a clerk to keep a full and complete record of the transactions of the commissioners; an alderman; and a police force of variable size to preserve the peace. The commissioners are authorized to use the revenue derived from leasing lands within the village to pay State and local taxes. Any funds left over are used for any improvements or programs desired by the majority of the residents.

Additional powers of the Commissioners are to prevent vice, drunkenness and immorality; to provide for and preserve the health, peace, safety, cleanliness, ornament and good order of the Village and its inhabitants; to prohibit all gaming and fraudulent devices; to prohibit, restrain, license or regulate all public sports, exhibitions, shows, parades, productions, circuses or other public performances, amusements and games; to locate, layout and erect streets, highways, lanes, alleys, watercourses, parks, lakes, stands, crosswalks, sidewalks, drains, aqueducts and pipelines and to enter in contracts with the State Highway Department for the permanent maintenance of roadways with the Village; to establish and regulate animal shelters and animal licensing; to locate, regulate, license, restrain or remove any buildings or businesses constituting a public health hazard, safety hazard or nuisance; to ensure that sidewalks are kept free of snow and dirt and obstructions; to provide, construct, extend, maintain, manage and control a sewer system and/or a sewage treatment and disposal plant and facilities; to fully control within the Village the drainage of all water; to grant franchises or licenses to associations or corporations furnishing public utilities; to direct, regulate and control the planting and maintenance of ornamental shade trees; to regulate, control or prevent the use of apparatus constituting a fire hazard; to acquire, build, equip and maintain offices of the Village; to regulate gun control, to punish violators of Village ordinances; to license, tax and collect fees annually for any and all municipal purposes from businesses within the Village; to provide for the collection of and disbursement of Village funds; to investigate the conduct of employees and subpoena witnesses; to create a Village Zoning Commission for the development, improvement and beautification of the Village and to prescribe its powers and duties; to publish a compilation of the ordinances, codes, orders and rules of the Commissioners of the Village.1

In 1924 the Board of Education of Arden School District No. 3 acquired land from the Trustees of Arden, at the cost of one dollar, for the construction of Arden school. In 1969 Mount Pleasant School District took over maintenance of the building when it merged with the Arden district. By 1973 the building became too small for the Mount Pleasant District and was transferred back to the trustees of Arden.

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