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In order to commemorate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence the “Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition” was held in the city of Philadelphia from June 1st - December 1, 1926. Each state was asked to participate in the event by the President of the United States and the mayor of the city of Philadelphia. Delaware legislators responded to the invitation by authorizing the governor in 1925 to establish a commission, the Sesqui Centennial Commission of the State of Delaware.

The three gubernatorially appointed members were to procure a building that would “be used for the purposes of providing headquarters for the entertainment and comfort of the officials and citizens of the state...” The building constructed was in the colonial style of architecture. Additionally, the commissioners were to create an exhibition which displayed Delaware’s industries, agricultural products, and manufacturing capabilities. The commission received an appropriation of $25,000 to defray all expenses.

The building was dedicated on May 29, 1926. Governor Robert P. Robinson issued a proclamation on the eleventh of September designating September 20, 1926 as “Delaware Day” at which time the State flag was presented.

The commission ceased to exist after closure of the Exposition.

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