The Mabel Lloyd Ridgely Research Room requires that all visitors NOT:

  • Engage in any behavior disruptive to Research Room use
  • Engage in any illegal activity
  • Talk loudly
  • Mutilate, deface, destroy or steal any materials belonging to the Archives, research room patron, or staff
  • Take any document out of mylar or its protective sleeves
  • Bring in animals other than service animals
  • Smoke, vape, or use any type of tobacco products
  • Harass (verbally or physically) any research room patron or staff
  • Consume or have food or beverages
  • Wear inappropriate clothing. Shoes and shirts are required. No obscene or profane language. All pants must be pulled up completely (no under garments showing)
  • Violate the Internet Access Policy
  • Use audio/video devices without earphones
  • Leave children unattended
  • Rearrange documents in their folders
  • Handle documents roughly

Visitors who fail to observe these rules will be directed to modify and/or correct their behavior. Failure to comply will result in removal from the building and loss of Research Room privileges.