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In 1937 the Governor of the State of Delaware was authorized to name five persons who, together with himself could create a commission to erect an additional building on the state property in Dover. This Commission would be known as “The State House Building Commission of 1937.”
This building, when constructed and equipped, would be used for state offices and administrative purposes, with preference given to the needs and requirements of the Corporation Department, State Archives Commission, and the Motor Vehicle Department, and would be located on lands owned by the State of Delaware and City of Dover.
Duties of the Commission included the erection and completion of the buildings, the equipment of buildings with necessary fixtures for heating and lighting, and the furnishing and decorations.
The Commission when appointed would immediately organize and employ a capable architect have necessary drawings and specifications prepared for the construction and decoration of buildings. The Commission would let contracts for the execution of the work authorized by public advertising to the lowest, best, and most responsible bidder, and would have to right to reject any and all bids; the Commission would also require all contractors to give bonds, satisfactory to the Commission, at least equal to one-half the amount of the respective contracts. The total estimated cost to the State of Delaware for the construction, equipment and decoration of buildings, including all fees, commissions, salaries and expenses of all kinds for the commission, counselors, and attorneys, engineers, experts, architects, superintendents, clerks and other employees, amounted to one hundred thousand dollars.
The Commission was authorized to make application to any Federal departments, boards, or agencies and to accept any Federal departments any grants that might be available to the State of Delaware to cover cost of construction, equipment and decoration of the buildings.
The Commission was to complete all duties and work by January 1, 1939. The Commission would then render to the next General Assembly, sitting in 1939, a full report of its proceedings.

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1 41 D.L., ch. 38.
clf/April 28, 1988; June 13, 1988

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