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The states of Delaware and New Jersey recognized that the Delaware River and bay were natural obstacles to vehicular traffic and, as such, seriously handicapped the potential economic growth of the states. Therefore, in 1961, the two states attacked the problem on two fronts. First, they signed the Delaware and New Jersey Compact, whereby they pledged their unlimited cooperation in finding solutions to their transportation problems. Secondly, they formed the Delaware River and Bay Authority as the agent of both states responsible for the construction, maintenance, improvement and control of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and later, the Cape May/Lewes Ferry (1964).
The authority exercises, all rights, powers, authority, duties, and obligations heretofore exercised by the Delaware Interstate Highway Division, as successor to the Delaware State Highway Department, in so far as they pertain to the bridge.
When all the Delaware Memorial Bridge Revenue Bonds issued were paid in full, the authority as an agent continued to hold, control, operate, maintain, and improve the bridge as a crossing, and transportation facility between the two states.
The Delaware River and Bay Authority has an executive director, as well as general managers at both the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Cape May/Lewes locations.
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