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In 1955, the State Auditor was appointed to serve as State Elections Commissioner in addition to his other duties. His powers and functions in this new office were to furnish equipment, supplies, and services to each Department of Elections for registration and elections; to select and maintain office space in Dover, Delaware; to make rules and regulations regarding the manner of making entries in registration and election records; to have the sole responsibility for the security of the records in his office without the option of delegation; to prescribe the form of registration and election records insuring uniformity throughout the State; to instruct and assist each Department to insure uniform operation; to review applications for registration and order tabulating cards; and to have applications microfilmed and indexed and the originals destroyed. Beginning in 1958, it became the Commissioner’s duty to prepare and supply alphabetical lists of registered voters in designated election districts upon the written request of the County Chairman and to process the punch-cards of each voter to prevent duplications. By 1960, the Commissioner was responsible for processing the punch-cards of each voter to determine which voters have not voted in the last two general elections.1
In 1969, the State Auditor was replaced as administrator of the office by a State Elections Commissioner who is appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Senate. Duties added to the office at this time require the commissioner to be an ex-officio member of each County Department of Elections and to attend that Department’s meetings where he may elect to participate in any discussions and cast a vote.2

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