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The State Board for Vocational Education was created 1939 to provide vocational rehabilitation and job placement for persons whose earning capacity was impaired. The board, in cooperation with the Industrial Accident Board (RG 1592), was to accept federal monies and benefits from all Federal Vocational Education Acts as administered by the Federal Office of Education, U.S. Department of Interior. With this funding, the Board was charged with:

1. Making rules and regulations for appropriate disbursement of the funds for the vocational rehabilitation of disabled persons.
2. Appointing and providing personnel to administer the program.
3. Rehabilitating the handicapped and placing them in productive occupations.
4. Establishing rules and regulations for the administration of the program.
5. Providing an annual report to the governor on the year’s progress. 1
The federal government in 1955 moved administrative responsibility for the program to the office of education within the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The annual report for the State Board for Education was now to be filed as part of the Department of Public Instruction’s annual report. Two new responsibilities were also added to the Board’s duties. They were to:

1. Prescribe rules and regulations governing the qualifications and certifications of teachers employed to instruct the handicapped.
2. Establish fair monetary allocations of individual school districts to help support the states plan for vocational education.2
The government reorganization of 1970 established a new Department of Labor (RG 1580) and within that department a Division of Vocational Rehabilitation with an appointed director. 3 All duties and responsibilities of the State Board of Vocational Rehabilitation were transferred to this new division; however, the organization of the division and its duties remain unchanged.

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