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The Recreation Advisory Council was established in 1968 , to advise and assist the State Park Commission. Members of the Council consisted of nine interested citizens willing to donate their services, knowledge and skill to promote improved recreation projects and programs. One member was appointed by each of the following organizations: Community Services Council of Delaware, Inc.; Delaware Recreation and Parks Society; Association of Greater Wilmington Neighborhood Centers, Inc.; New Castle County Department of Parks and Recreation; Levy Court of Public Instruction. The ninth and final member was elected by a majority of other members of Council. The members reviewed applications to the commission for financial assistance and counseled and guided the Commission in its use and distribution of Moines from the Recreation Assistance Fund and any other matters submitted to it by the Commission.1 The fund received request from agencies requesting money such as the Board of Education for Teen Drop-in Centers in the Community School Program; Stevenson Detention Home for summer recreation programs for 10-14 year olds; Geriatric Services of Delaware for Beach House program for men and women over sixty; and the Town Councils of Georgetown and the City of Dover for year round recreation program.
In 1969, the Recreation Advisory Council was placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (RG 1620) to serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Parks Recreation and Forestry. In addition, the Council considers and advises on matters referred to it by the governor, the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources or the Director of Parks, or Recreation and any Forestry and makes recommendations on matters it deems appropriate to enable the Division to function most efficiently.2

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