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On November 29, 1933 legislation was enacted creating a Mosquito Control Commission ‘in the interest of Public Health and Comfort.’ Its mandate was to promote and encourage public works projects in cooperation with emergency conservation work and to provide the money necessary for carrying out such projects on behalf of the State of Delaware.
Originally the Governor1 appointed five commissioners to serve for only eighteen months as a Mosquito Control Commission. But, in 1935, an act was passed to continue the extermination of mosquitoes and the Mosquito Control Commission was re-established, consisting of five members, one from the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Delaware; one from the State Board of Health of Delaware; and the other three being members of the general public. The Governor appointed the commission members for three year terms. 2
Originally the members met annually and organized by electing one of their members to serve as chairman.3 The commission employed an executive officer and an engineer who supervised the administrative and field work in all contracts between the State government, Delaware property owners, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and any other agency engaged in the elimination work in the state. The executive officer and engineer held office at the pleasure of the Mosquito Control Commission.4
The Commission also employed an engineering and office assistant to carry out the work done each month, and the Commission made a report to the Governor each December. The executive officer and the engineer were responsible to the Commission for the control, management, and operation of the activities of the Commission.6
In 1945, the duties, powers, and functions of the Mosquito Control Commission were transferred to the State Highway Department which was authorized to perform all duties, powers, and functions given to the Commission;7 then, in 1970 the Division of Environmental Control, Department of Natural Resources became responsible for the performance of all powers, duties, and functions heretofore vested in the Mosquito Control Commission and the State Highway Department.8

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