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Established in 1895 to oversee the activities of the two Boards of Medical Examiners (RG 1508), this council consisted of the Chief Justice of the State and the presidents of the two Boards of Medical Examiners. When the Medical Examiners desired to test new license applicants, they first prepared possible questions, in fields ranging from anatomy to surgery to pathology. The Medical Council in turn chose the appropriate questions and then the test was administered. Successful applicants were then issued certificates for licenses to practice medicine within the State. The Medical Council was also to interview prospective applicants from other states wishing to practice in Delaware.1
In 1951, the legislature designated the President Judge of the Superior Court and the Orphans’ Court to replace the Chief Justice on the Council.2 Four years later, the two Boards of Medical Examiners (RG 1508) were consolidated into one, and the new members of the Council were designated to be the previously mentioned President Judge, the president of the reorganized State Board of Medical Examiners, and a third member, not of the Board, but having membership in the Medical Society of Delaware, a non-governmental professional organization.3
The government reorganization of 1969 created the Department of Health and Social Services, and both the Medical Council and Medical Examiners were placed within the Division of Physical Health.4 but by 1976,5 the Board of Medical Examiners, along with any residual duties of the Medical Council, ceased to exist and was replaced with the Board of Medical Practice (RG 1509). That board itself was removed from Department of Health and Social Services in 1979 and placed within the Bureau of Professional Regulation, an agency of the Department of Administrative Services (RG 1340).6

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