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The Delaware Commission on the Interstate Cooperation (RG 0912) as created in 1939 by legislative act to complement similar organizations in neighboring states. Concurrently, money was appropriated for a sub-committee of that group to participate in the newly formed Interstate Commission on the Delaware River Basin (INCODEL).1 This group arose out of the concern of the states (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) utilizing the waters of the Delaware River who fully recognized the attendant problems that increased population and future industrial development along the river would bring.
Although the early focus of the commission was concerned with the pollution of the river, their concerns also grew to include conservation matters, water supply needs, and other potential uses of and benefits from the Basin.
Three new INCODEL provisions were legislated in 1941. Firstly, the Delaware River’s length was divided into four water “zones.” Delaware’s stretch of water was designated zone # 4, and the state was thereafter responsible for monitoring that section.
Secondly, water quality standards were established for each zone. It was determined that the water, and any material henceforth placed in that water, should be free of floating solids, acids or toxic substances, and possess and acceptable oxygen content.
Thirdly, inorder to enforce these standards within each zone, the Boards of Health of each member state were authorized to monitor the water quality in support of the commission’s standards.2
In 1963, the functions and remaining funds of this agency were transferred to the Delaware River Basin Commission (see RG 0901), a similar organization with vastly expanded goals and authority.3

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