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In 1931, the Governor was empowered to appoint five members to form an Historic Markers Commission to exist through June 30, 1933. It was the Commission’s duty to select and determine points of historic interest throughout the State, and to design, purchase and erect monuments or markers, which they decided were appropriate, at such points, indicating the happening or the event or events commemorated. To this end, the Commission was authorized to employ expert assistance to aid in its historic researches and engineering or artistic skill it may deem necessary to carry out this goal. The Governor and General Assembly reviewed reports of activities and expenditures made to them by the Commissioners.1 In 1937, the Public Archives Commission was empowered and directed to keep in good repair all monuments, tablets, and markers erected by the Historic Markers Commission and to carry on its purpose and duties.2

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jmm/April 23, 1988; May 2, 1988

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