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The Department of Administrative Services come into existence in 1970 as part of the reorganization of the executive branch. The office is administered by a Secretary appointed by the Governor, with the consent of the Senate. The Divisions of State Buildings, of Purchasing, of Central Data Processing, and of Business and Occupational Regulation were all created at this time and placed under the jurisdiction of the Department, as were the Council on State Buildings, the Council on Banking, and the State Bank Commissioner.
Additionally, the Department was given the power to perform all duties, functions, and responsibilities of the former State Building Grounds Commission, the Custodian of the State House, the State Distribution Agency, the State Central Data Processing Division, the State Board of Accountancy, the Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, the Board of Examiners and Registration of Architects, the State Athletic Commission, the Bingo Control Commission, the State Board of Electrical Examiners, the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, the Delaware Harness Racing Commission, the Board of Pilot Commissioners, the Public Service Commission, the Delaware Racing Commission, the Delaware Real Estate Commission, the Board of Trustees of the Delaware Standardbred Development Fund, the Bank Advisory Board, and the Board of Bank Incorporation.
In 1971, the Division of Graphics and Printing was created within the Department of Administrative Services but was not confirmed until Tribbitt Executive Order Number Seven dated April 6, 1973. That same Order abolished the Division of State Buildings and created in its place the Division of Facilities Management and the Division of Maintenance and Communications.1 As of 1974, any State agency could, by written request, ask the Department of Administrative Services to conduct a sale of that agency’s excess state property.2 In 1982, jurisdiction over the office of the State Bank Commissioner was transferred from this Department to the Department of State. That same year the Department gained control over the newly created Office of Planning and Systems Development, the Division of Support Operations, and the Division of Public Utility Control.3 In 1986, the Division of Business Department of Administrative Services. Also placed under the jurisdiction of the Department was another newly created office, the Office of Fleet Management.4
In 1992, through the Budget bill process, the Department of Community Affairs was disbanded and the Division of Consumer Affairs was placed here.5

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