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The Delaware Tomorrow Commission was created by Executive Order in June 1974, and charged with the responsibility of developing a statewide plan for growth. The Commission’s task was to examine policy concerning industrial, commercial, and residential development (including open space, recreation, and transportation) and to recommend the path of economic growth that Delaware should pursue and the policies required for that pursuit. In addition, it was the Commission’s task to look at the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness in attracting desirable job producing industry to the State.1
Specific responsibilities of the Commission were to:

– Determine what the State’s Government’s historical experience had been in regard to growth.
– Determine how effectively State Government was responding to growth at the time the Commission conducted their study.
– Determine alternative ways that State Government could provide for effective growth.
– Evaluate the potential impact of various growth alternatives in the private and public sectors.
– Recommend to State Government policies and strategies for effective and rational growth in the residential, commercial, and industrial areas.2
Originally consisting of 27 members, two subsequent Executive Orders enlarged the Commission to 31 members and also provided for a secretary and a legal counsel.3
The initial timetable for the commission provided that their final report, including their findings and recommendations, be submitted to the Governor by June 1, 1975. However, since the draft was presented at numerous public hearings in order to solicit comments, the final published report was not submitted to the Governor until January 1976. Some further investigation regarding land usage prompted the Governor in April, 1977 to extend the ending date of the Commission to June 30, 1977.4

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