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The Delaware Swedish Tercentenary Commission, created by Senate Joint Resolution Number 3 with House Amendment Number One, came into existence on March 20, 1935. The duties of the Commission were to “prepare plans for a fitting celebration by the State of Delaware on the occasion of the Three Hundredth Anniversary in 1938 of the founding of the first permanent settlement…” (SJR No. 3, Section 2). Its primary concern was to encourage permissive federal legislation for the minting of commemorative half dollars and to coordinate the designing of said coin. The coins, 25,000 in number, were to be sold and any profits used to defray “expenses incidental to the celebration.”
In January, 1937, the final report was presented to the General Assembly with recommendations that the Assembly pass a resolution authorizing the appointment of another commission to “prepare plans and carry out and execute” plans for the commemorative celebration, to acquire land and create a memorial park at “The Rocks,” and to take over sale of the coin from the Delaware Swedish Tercentenary Commission.
On February 10, 1937, the Delaware Tercentenary Commission was created by the General Assembly. From 1937-1938 it coordinated all plans for the Tercentenary celebration; designed, had made, and sold commemorative coins and plates; and sponsored the publication of the “Delaware Tercentenary Almanac and Historical Repository,” the “History of Old Swedes Church,” “Delaware, The First State,” and numerous other books, bulletins, maps, and programs.
The Delaware Tercentenary Commission made its final report to the General Assembly on January 17, 1939 at which time it ceased to exist.

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