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On June 13, 1974 the Delaware Postsecondary Education Commission was created by Governor Sherman W. Tribbitt’s Executive Order Number Forty-Seven and still continues to function through Executive Orders from successive governors.1
The purpose of this Commission is to prepare and compile comprehensive inventories and studies of all public and private postsecondary educational resources in the State, including the planning necessary to ensure the coordination, improvement, expansion and alteration of those resources so that all Delawareans who could benefit from postsecondary education would have the chance to do so.2
The Commission originally consisted of eleven numbers; however, after amendments in 1975 and 1977, the number of members was increased to 14, all appointed by the Governor. There were originally five non-voting institutional members; however, since the amendment in 1977, there are six such non-voting members. There are (a) the president of the University of Delaware, representing public universities; (b) the president of Delaware State College; (c) the president of one of Delaware’s independent colleges, representing the independent colleges of the state; (d) the president of Delaware Technical and Community College, representing public community and technical colleges; (e) the president of one of the proprietary schools of the state; and (f) the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, representing elementary, secondary and area vocational schools.3
The eight voting members of the Commission are appointed for terms of three years; must be broadly representative of the general public and cannot serve concurrently in the capacity of administrator or trustee at a post-secondary educational institution in the State of Delaware.4
The chairman of the Commission is appointed by the Governor from among the members of the Commission. All other officers are to be selected by the members of the Commission.5
In addition, the Commission administers and is responsible for the state program authorities of the U.S. Higher Education Act, including: (1) the Community Services and Continuing Education Authority; (2) The Equipment for Undergraduate Instruction Authority; (3) the Grants for Construction of Undergraduate Academic Facilities Authority; and (4) the Guaranteed Student Loan Program.6
The commission is empowered to apply for, accept and disburse grants, gifts and contributions from the federal government for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the Commission.7

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