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The Delaware Agriculture Museum Association had its beginnings in a series of informal meetings held during 1973; however, the Delaware Agricultural Museum Board which now oversees the association was not legally created until 1976. The Board consists of six members appointed by the Governor; seven members from the Executive Committee of the Delaware Agricultural Museum Association Inc.; the Master of the Delaware State Grange, Patrons of Husbandry; the President of the Delaware Farm Bureau; the Secretary of Agriculture or his designee; the Secretary of State or his designee; and two members appointed by the Board of Trustees of Delaware State College, one being the Chairman of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The Board was empowered to build and operate a museum of Delaware agriculture; to accept gifts and trade or sell objects in its possession; to adopt rules and regulations necessary to perform its duties; to approve all budget requests and establish guidelines for expenditures; and to adopt an official seal.1 Originally, the Director of the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs was to be responsible for managing the museum, but in 1977 this power was given to the Delaware Agricultural Museum Association, under the direction of the museum board. Association membership is open to all citizens with a deep interest in Delaware agriculture.2

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