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On April 27, 1891, an act authorizing the appointment of a janitor for the State House was approved by the General Assembly. This person, to be appointed by the Governor to a two year term, was charged with taking care of the furniture and property within the State House; cleaning all rooms, offices, stairs, and cellars within; and maintaining the grounds surrounding the building. Supervision of the janitor was performed by the State Librarian.1
By 1911, the workload had increased to the point where the janitor was permitted to hire one assistant to help in the maintenance of the building.2
This supervising janitor in 1929 was promoted to the position of custodian, who in turn was to appoint two or more janitors to assist him, one of whom was to be appointed chief janitor. Effective at the same time as the promotion was a change in supervisory responsibility to the State Treasurer. The newly appointed custodian could, during special sessions of the Legislature, employ an additional night watchman in order to provide around-the-clock service.3
The General Assembly, in 1933, shifted its meeting place to the newly constructed Legislative Hall. The custodial care and maintenance of this building were assumed, in 1970,4 by the Division of State Buildings, which is now the Division of Facilities Management within the Department of Administrative Services.5 Maintenance of the original State House building is presently handled by the Bureau of Museums and Historic Sites, within the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.

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