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Board Of Boiler Rules/Council On Boiler Safety

With the growth of industry came increased dangers to persons in the workplace. One source of concern to the Legislature was the use of steam boilers and the dangers inherent in them. In an effort to establish standards of safety for their operation, the Legislature created the Board of Boiler Rules in 1919.1 Five persons, all having knowledge of boilers and their operations, were to chosen as follows:

A professor of mechanical engineering; a manufacturer of boilers; a user of boilers; a mechanical engineer; and a stationary engineer.

Twice yearly they were to hold meeting, at which time they were to formulate rules and regulations for the construction, sale, and use of steam boilers. The rules were to be in keeping with the Boiler Code of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and were subsequently binding upon any manufacturers or users of the boilers, with the exception of any federally inspected or controlled boilers.
In 1951, the Delaware Code was adjusted to eliminate limitations of the rules to steam-only boilers.2 When State government was reorganized in 1970, the Board became the Council to advise the newly created Division of Boiler Safety within the new Department of Public Safety (RG 1660).3
In 2003, Boiler Safety was again moved, this time to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. 4

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