RG 9270.005 REFERENCE REELS (self-service microfilm)


R31 – Pocket diary of Gen. James H. Wilson, Jan. 17, 1864-May 15, 1864**

R49 – Diary of Cyrus Forewood, member of Co. A, 2nd Del., 1861-1863
Diary of Mrs. Lydia B. Houston, 1862-1864

R50 – “History of Lt. Col. Henry Neill’s Regt.” By James B. Jackson
Journal of Charles Heite, 1861-1864
Diary of J. H. Wilson, 1861-1865**

R52 – Capt. Thomas Reynolds letters, 1862-1864

R135 – Papers of William Lank, 1861-1865

**See also Wilson papers in Small Manuscripts