#345-“Roll of missing men #1”
Poster, with a message “To Returned Soldiers and Others” from Clara Barton, asking for information about any of the names on the poster, arranged by state, and offering assistance to those seeking missing servicemen.

#358-“Delaware soldiers in the Civil War, by HSD”
Various documents and lists, including copies of the booklets Delaware in the Civil War and The Civil War, teacher’s packet of activities, photocopies of letters, a copy of the Senate Journal, vol. 20 1861-1862, dated Jan. 3, 1861, information sheets about the purchase by Delaware State Museums of presentation sword owned by Capt. John N. Richards.

#483-“Delaware Regiments”
Includes three copies of “Extract History of Delaware in the Civil War.”

#506-“Civil War episodes in New Castle Town”
Copies of an article and a document regarding New Castle in the Civil War.

#623-“Civil War correspondence and personal papers: small groups”
Miscellaneous letters, both copies and originals.

#681-“Civil War Union Veterans League in Delaware”
Dues receipts for the U. V. L.

#853-“Civil War Correspondence”
Miscellaneous letters

#856-“Civil War Correspondence”