Box labeled “Civil War, 1”

Civil War-era documents
-Prison Life During the Rebellion; being a Brief Narrative of the Miseries and Sufferings of Six Hundred Confederate Prisoners Sent from Fort Delaware to Morris’ Island to be Punished, by Fritz Fuzzlebug, one of their Number, 1869. (2 copies)

-Instructions to Mustering Officers and Others of Kindred Duties, 1863.

-Gettysburg Monuments of Delaware Soldiers, 1887. (2 copies)

Recent publications
-Current brochures for Fort Delaware

-Fort Delaware in the Civil War, by W. Emerson Wilson.

-Suggested Tour of Old Fort Delaware. (2 copies)

-Copy of sketch of Fort Delaware, 1864.

-Excerpts Pertaining to Fort Delaware from the War Journal of Robert James Coffey, Co. G, 202 Reg. Penna. Vols., 1862-1865.

-Fort Delaware Newsletter, 3 issues, 1987-1988.

-Fort Delaware, by W. Emerson Wilson, 1957. (4 copies)

-The Story of Fort Delaware.

-Mlotkowski Memorial Room, Fort Delaware-Pea Patch Island.

-To Those Who Wore the Gray (Listings of Confederate soldiers who died at Fort Delaware), 1960. (2 copies)

-Delaware in the Civil War, ed. by W. Emerson Wilson, 1964. (4 copies)

-Delaware at Antietam; The 2nd and 3rd Delaware Volunteers, 1964. (2 copies)

-Final Report of the Civil War Centennial Commission of the State of Delaware, 1966. (2 copies)

-The Thirteenth Amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation, by Justin G. Turner, 1971.

-The Civil War Diaries of Anna M. Ferris, ed. by Harold B. Hancock, 1961.

-A Roster of Confederate Soldiers Buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia, prepared by Lucy Fitzhugh Kurtz and Benny Ritter, 1962.

-Pennsylvania and the Civil War: A Handbook, by Sanford W. Higginbotham, William A. Hunter, and Donald H. Kent, 1961.

-97th Annual Memorial Day Exercises, Antietam National Cemetery, 1964.

-Antietam National Battlefield Site. (2 copies)

-Dedication of Monument to Georgia Confederate Dead on Vicksburg National Military Park, 1962.

-Corbit’s Charge: Dedication of Historical Marker Commemorating Captain Charles Corbit’s Charge at Westminister, Md., 1963. (2 copies)

-Gettysburg, by Robert Bruce, 1920.

-A Bibliography of the American Civil War. (2 copies)

-Wash Roebling’s War: Being a selection from the unpublished Civil War letters of Washington Augustus Roebling, ed. by Earl Schenck Miers, 1961.

-Delaware’s Forgotten Regiment: Ninth Delaware Volunteer Infantry Regiment, by Larry Lawson Layton, 1974.

-The Capture of Jefferson Davis, by David Rankin Barbee, 1947.

-The Story of the Monitor and the Merrimac, by Rev. Samuel C. Bushnell.

-Fort Delaware Notes, 14 issues, 1977-1990.

-The Civil War Round Table of Kent County Bulletin, 12 bulletins, 1961-1964.

-“Why Study the Civil War?” A lecture presented by Dr. Robert L. Bloom, 1960.

-“Lt. Samuel Boyer Davis,” by Ruthanna Hindes.

-“Civil War Times Illustrated,” June 1960, January 1963.

-“The Civil War Record of the Four Carey Brothers of Indian River Hundred who Served in Co. E, 1st Del. Infantry Vols.” 1960.

-“Grape and Canister,” newsletter of the Civil War Roundtable of Wilmington, 1980-current.

Box labeled “Civil War 2”

-The Origins of the Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, by Allan Nevins, 1962.

-Delaware Stays in the Union, by John S. Spruance, 1955.

-Confederate Prisoners of War at Fort Delaware, by Nancy Travis Keen, 1968.

-Steps in a Journey Toward Understanding: Activities of the New Jersey Civil War Centennial Commission in 1961 at Trenton, Charleston, and Salem Church, by L. Ethan Ellis, 1961.

-Second Annual American History Workshop, presented by the New Jersey Civil War Centennial Commission, 1962.

-Massachusetts in the Civil War, vol. III: A Year of Crisis 1862-1863, 1962.

-Connecticut Physicians in the Civil War, by Stanley B. Weld, 1965.

-Civil War and Ante-Bellum History in Mississippi.

-Ohio’s Civil War Governors, by Richard H. Abbott, 1962.

-Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-1865 (Part III-1863), published by the Naval History Division, Navy Department.

-Civil War Centennial, 1961-65: Report 1962, by the Virginia Civil War Commission.

-Newsletter, published by the North Carolina Confederate Centennial Commission, 2 issues, Oct.-Dec. 1962.

-“New York State and the Civil War,” five issues, 1962-1963.

-“The Civil War and Reconstruction: A Current Affairs Publication of the New York Times Office of Educational Activities,’ Jan. 1961.

-Invitation to the Stonewall Jackson Dinner held by the Virginia Civil War Commission, 1963.

-“Grant’s March Through Louisiana: A Tour,” published by the Louisiana Civil War Centennial Commission.

-Copies of the “Valley News Echo,” six issues, Nov. 1862-June 1863.

-“Centennial News Letter,” published by the Virginia Civil War Commission, eight issues, Oct. 1962-May 1963.

-“Bay State Bugle,” published by the Massachusetts Civil War Centennial Commission, seven issues, Oct. 1962-April 1963.

-“Battle Lines,” published by the Atlanta Civil War Round Table Inc., four issues, Sept. 1962-April 1963.

-“100 Years After,” published by the Civil War Centennial Commission, seven issues, Nov. 1962-May 1963.

-News releases from the Gettysburg Centennial Commission.

-Correspondence and single-issue bulletins from various states’ Civil War Commissions.

Fredericksburg History & Biography, 2006.

Includes “Opening the Gates of Hell: A Unionist Family on the Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield,” based on a letter in the Delaware Republican from a former Delaware resident.