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Date Posted: Friday, March 26th, 2010

Have you seen the new nonfiction book entitled “Birthright:  the true story that inspired Kidnapped” by A. Roger Ekirch? The book is set in 1728, when a 12-year old was kidnapped, sold into indentured servitude, and sent to Delaware, so his uncle could keep the property the boy should have inherited.  After 13 years, he escaped back to England, and the story continues. 


Did you know that we have apprentice indenture records here at the Archives?  They can be found in the recorder of deeds collection and the trustees of the poor records. Apprentices were taught the fine art of husbandry, housewifery, and coopering to name a few. For a complete history of indenture servants in Delaware you may want to read “The “Art and Mystery” of Delaware’s Apprentice Indentures by Randy Goss that can be found in Delaware History Fall/Winter 2006-2007.

 To reserve your copy to read, visit your local library or the Delaware Library catalogue

An ad in the Delaware Gazette for a runaway servant.
An ad in the Delaware Gazette for a runaway apprentice.


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