Zoar Methodist Church was founded in the late 18th century. Bishops Coke and Asbury are believed to have ministered to congregations in a log structure which served as the first church building. A cypress-shingle church was constructed after the land was purchased from Robert and Sukey Lacey in 1802. Within a few years, camp meetings were being held in the adjoining grove. The Church was incorporated on November 5, 1810. Following a fire in 1910, the present structure was built. Much of the carpentry and masonry was completed by Rev. James L. Derrickson, pastor of the Church. The last camp meeting was held in 1919. Annual homecoming services are held in late October.

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LOCATION: Southeast Corner, intersection of Route 30 and Route 48 (approximately 5 miles south of intersection of Route 9 and Route 30 at Gravel Hill).