Landscape painter Edward Willis Redfield was born near Bridgeville, Delaware on December 19, 1869.  After studying in Philadelphia and Paris he moved to Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, where he became leader of a colony of artists called the New Hope Impressionists. Redfield combined Monet and Van Gogh styles creating an original concept which brought him recognition throughout his life.  In modified Impressionist style, he did many landscapes with thick paint applied to large canvases with long brush strokes.  As an ‘en plein aire’ painter, he often worked outdoors, sometimes with his canvas strapped to a tree. Redfield often finished large canvases in a day.  In 1902 he began his annual summers in Maine and from that time forward, the coast provided subjects second only to the artist’s beloved Delaware River landscapes, including his classic panoramic winter scene “Late Afternoon”. He died in 1965 in Center Bridge, Pennsylvania.

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LOCATION: In Historical Society Park near corner of Delaware Avenue and Williams Street, Bridgeville..