This roadway is named for Samuel J. Stein (B.1878 – D.1961). A native of Austria, Mr. Stein came to Seaford in 1897. He was active in the business and civic affairs of the community for more than half a century. In the 1920s the State of Delaware initiated a program to improve the state’s roads. The effort was initially impeded by costs associated with the purchase of rights-of-way. Convinced of the value of a modern roadway to connect Seaford to rural areas stretching westward to the Maryland line, Mr. Stein embarked upon a personal crusade to secure the permission of affected landowners. A strong advocate of education, he emphasized the advantages of attending more-centralized schools, and the benefits for local farmers and businesses. As a result, he was able to secure the donation of necessary titles, making this the first paved roadway in the state to be built without property costs. Construction was begun in 1923, and completed in 1925.

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LOCATION: Seaford.