In 1919 the Delaware General Assembly enacted legislation to reform the state’s system of pubic education. Through the efforts of P.S. DuPont and the Delaware School Auxiliary Association, a program to replace many of the state’s overcrowded and outdated schools was begun. On March 10, 1920, the Association purchased four acres of land at this location to construct a school to serve the needs of students residing in the Gumboro area. On July 22, 1927, the State Board of Education approved the consolidation of the Newfoundland, Whitesville, and Good Hope schools with Gumboro District #37. Jones School #36 was later combined as well. Construction of the new building was commenced in December 1927. When completed, the school was attended by grades 1-8. Secondary education was provided at Millsboro High School. In 1966, Gumboro was formally incorporated into the Millsboro school system, which subsequently became part of the Indian River School District in 1969. From 1966 until 1973, the Gumboro School was used by students in first grade. The building was later utilized for special classes, administrative offices and for storage and maintenance purposes until 1997, when it was declared to be surplus property. It was sold the following year and converted for use as the Gumboro Community Center.

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LOCATION: Near the intersection of Rt. 26 and Daisey Rd., Gumboro.