PORTSVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH The roots of local Methodism can be traced to the late 18th century, when Bishop Francis Asbury and others visited this area to spread the message of their faith. By the 1820s there was a growing movement within the Methodist Episcopal Church to enact reforms that would result in greater lay participation in church affairs. Many chose to leave and join the Methodist Protestant Church, which was founded in 1830. A local society of Methodist Protestants was organized at that time, first meeting in the homes of its members. On April 30, 1832, James W. Phillips conveyed land to the “Trustees of the Portsville Academy and Chapel” to serve as the site for a house of worship and school. A frame building was erected soon thereafter. It was located approximately one-half mile west of here, and was one of the first Methodist Protestant churches on the Delmarva Peninsula. Some years later, the desire for a new building arose, and the present church was constructed on land that was purchased from Isaac G. and Emeline Phillips in February 1869. For a time it was known as Mount Lebanon. The church was incorporated in 1911. It is now affiliated with the United Methodist denomination.

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LOCATION: Portsville, half block south of intersection Bethel Road and Kenny Road