On November 14, 1901, a group of concerned citizens met in the Seaford town council room for the purpose of discussing the organization of a fire company. By the end of the month, over 50 persons had volunteered. The company was formally named the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department. W. H. Miller was elected president, and T. H. Scott was chosen to be the first chief. During the early years, the Department’s equipment consisted mainly of ladder trailers and hand-drawn hose reels. The first motorized vehicle was a new Seagrave engine, purchased in 1921. Since that time the Department has continued to upgrade and modernize its equipment, adding aerial and rescue trucks to its fleet of engines. A “First Aid Squad” was organized in 1933, and the first ambulance was purchased the following year. For many years the Department was housed in a frame building at this location. The present structure was completed in 1950 and expanded in 1972.

Today, over one hundred men and women continue to serve the Seaford community, providing fire fighting, rescue, and ambulance services.

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LOCATION:Seaford, located on King and Cannon Streets