MOUNT PLEASANT METHODIST CHURCH The origin of this church can be traced to the organization of a local society of Methodists in 1778. The first meetings of the group, then known as the Broad Creek Society, were held in the homes of its members. On October 19, 1779, Methodist pioneer Francis Asbury formally initiated the subscription of funds to build a house of worship. Construction was completed in 1781. This was one of the first Methodist churches on the Delmarva Peninsula. Originally known as Moore’s Chapel. The land on which the building stood was conveyed to church trustees by William Moore on September 26, 1795.

Despite the skepticism of some, the church continued to grow and prosper. One of the first camp meetings in the country was conducted here in 1805. Over the years, many successful meetings and revivals were held, often drawing hundreds from distant locations to worship in the shade of the stately oaks that stood here. The church was repaired and remodeled in 1824, and again in 1842. The deterioration of the old building and growth of the congregation resulted in an effort to build a new church. The present structure was completed in 1863, and formally renamed Mount Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Church.

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LOCATION: Laurel, five miles west of Laurel and four miles east of the Mason-Dixon Line