The origin of this congregation can be traced to the formation of a local society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1842. Known as the Oak Grove Society, the group held its first meetings in an old dwelling that was located approximately one-half mile south of here. Soon desiring a more suitable place of worship, funds were solicited and a church building was constructed at this location on land provided by William C. King. Completed in 1842, the church was named Hepburn to honor a subscriber to the building’s construction.

By the 1880s the growth of the congregation and deteriorating condition of the first church resulted in an effort to build a new house of worship. Construction of the present church was commenced in the summer of 1884. A formal dedication service was held on January 4, 1885. As a result of a vote of its members, the name of the church was changed to King’s as a tribute to the family that had given so generously since its founding.

A Community House was constructed in 1925. It was replaced by the present structure in 1949. Expansion of the nearby road led to the movement of the church in 1956. As a result, the building was extensively renovated and expanded to include the present Sunday School facility.

SC – 134

LOCATION: Laurel. Rt. 70.