SITE OF JACOBS SCHOOL #143 In 1863 the Sussex County Levy Court formally approved the creation of a new school district to serve the needs of local citizens. A frame schoolhouse was constructed on this site on land provided by Thomas Jacobs. Measuring twenty feet in width and thirty-two feet in length, this was a one-room school with a single teacher who was responsible for teaching all students in grades 1-6. Classes were conducted at this location until 1917, when road improvements led to the movement of the building to a site one-third mile to the northwest. The school was then expanded and renovated. Jacobs School #143 was closed following the consolidation of the district with Bridgeville District #90 in 1929.

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LOCATION: Near Bridgeville. North side of Rd. 404 approximately .35 miles east of the interseciton of Rd. 404 and US 13.