In 1881 the Nanticoke Indian people constructed this church to provide a place to join for religious devotions. Known as “Johnson’s Chapel,” the church was affiliated with the Methodist Protestant denomination. On March 27, 1884, the land upon which the church had been built was conveyed by Jesse E. and Elizabeth Joseph to Trustees Samuel B. Norwood, Whittington Johnson, David P. Street, James H. Clark, Elisha Wright, William A. Johnson, and John W. Harmon.

The church was formally incorporated on May 23, 1915. In 1921 a new building was constructed and named Indian Mission M.P. Church. The Nanticoke people continue to hold their religious services here, and the church continues to provide cohesiveness for the Nanticoke to retain their Native heritage and culture.

The oldest marked grave is that of Ann Johnson, who died October 7, 1885. Indian Mission United Methodist Church was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on April 26, 1979.

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LOCATION: North of Fairmount. Intersection of Road 23 (Beaver Dam Road) and Road 48 (Hollymount Road).