The origin of this congregation may be traced to the earliest days of Methodism in America. In March, 1771, Joseph Pilmore, one of the first Methodist missionaries from England, preached outdoors at Christiana. Upon returning in 1773, Reverend Pilmore noted the enthusiastic response of local residents to the message and philosophy of church founder John Wesley. As a result of these early efforts, a “Society” of local Methodists was organized. Many of the first meetings were held in the homes of members.

In October, 1807, a meeting of interested persons was held at the home of William Wright for the purposes of organizing themselves into a corporate body, and planning for the construction of “Salem Meeting House.” In 1827 Christiana residents who had worshipped at Salem, bought a house from S. Johnson, which they dismantled and rebuilt on land purchased by them on the Christiana-Stanton Road. The first sermon was given by Rev. James Ayers in September of that year.

On July 9, 1857, the trustees of the Christiana Methodist Episcopal Church purchased land here from Abraham and Mary Cannon “in trust” that they “cause to be erected” a new place of worship. The present church was constructed in that year at a cost of $4,000. Plans were prepared by Rev. James Hand. The building was dedicated by Bishop Levi Scott on January 28, 1858. Civil War casualties are among the oldest graves in the adjoining cemetery.

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LOCATION: 21 West Main Street, Christiana.