This building, once known as the Morrow Building, symbolizes the founding of an organized Jewish community in Delaware. Jews have been present in Delaware in small numbers since the 1650s. During the 1870s, Jews began to gather in rooms on the third floor of this building to conduct religious services. In 1880, the Moses Montefiore Mutual Aid Society, Delaware’s first Jewish organization, established the State’s first synagogue, Ohabe Shalom (Lovers of Peace). Adas Kodesch (congregation of the Holy) was organized in 1885. Both Ohabe Shalom and Adas Kodesch continued to hold services from time to time in the Morrow Building. Efforts to establish a house of worship finally bore fruit in 1898, when Adas Kodesch dedicated the first structure within the State to be used exclusively as a synagogue.

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