Zion Church in New York City, organized in 1796, was the catalyst by which the African Methodist Episcopal Zion denomination was established in 1821. By the 1870’s a number of Wilmington residents had affiliated themselves with this growing denomination. Formally incorporated as Plymouth AME Zion Church in 1878, the group first held worship services in an old church at 2nd & Washington Streets. Renamed Grace AME Zion in the 1890s, the congregation moved to several locations before purchasing this site in 1959.

The present church was originally constructed in 1852 to serve as an interdenominational education facility known as the Seventh Street Sabbath School. In 1855 the seating capacity of the building was doubled and its name was changed to Scott Methodist Episcopal Church to honor pioneering Methodist Bishop Levi Scott. The church was formally closed and sole to the members of Grace AME Zion. Upon moving to the present location, the name Scott AME Zion Church was adopted by the congregation, preserving an important link to the early days of Methodism.

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LOCATION: 7th and Spruce, Wilmington