In 1706 John Allee, of a Huguenot family, bought a 600-acre tract, “Woodstock Bower,” of which this land is a part. One of his sons, Abraham, was prominent in Kent County affairs until his death in 1776: Member of the General Assembly 1726, Justice of the Peace 1738, Chief Ranger of Kent County 1749. This House was built about 1753, probably by Abraham. In 1963 the U.S. Government leased the house to the State of Delaware for preservation as a fine example of early Delaware “Plantation” architecture.

Public Archives Commission 1963 David F. Anderson, Pres. Mrs. Vernon B. Derrickson Henry P. Cannon II Mrs. Chester T. Dickerson Mrs Edward W. Cooch Edwin P. Messick Leon deValinger, Jr., State Archivist.

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LOCATION: Duck Neck Road, 0.5 miles East of intersection with Rt. 9.