A Presbyterian Society, present in Kent from c1694, was organized and worshipped in a log church on this site from c1708 until 1791. The Presbytery of Philadelphia recognized its congregation in 1714. The present church was built in 1791 and served its congregation until 1924 when a new church was dedicated at State and Reed Streets. The Chapel was added in 1880. Among the burials are Col. John Haslet, Commander of the Delaware Regiment, who was killed during the Battle of Princeton in 1777; John M Clayton (1796-1856), U. S. Secretary of State; and Governors Jacob Stout (c1767-1857), Charles Polk (1788-1857) and J. Caleb Boggs (1909-1993). The 2nd State Constitutional Convention (1791-1792) chaired by John Dickinson, and the 3rd State Constitutional Convention in 1831 were held here. The church and chapel became part of the Delaware State Museum in 1949. The Cemetery is the property of the Presbyterian Church of Dover. The property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

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LOCATION: Within cemetery, on South Governor’s Avenue, Dover..